Measuring Guide

Use this manual to take all the essential measurements of your house and the path from the building to your flat in order to ensure your chosen furniture will fit in your rooms.

Door Entrances

We advise you to measure the width and height of all your doors to ensure the delivered packages will fit through them.

Stairs and Landings

If there is no available lift, we will carry the packages from the stairs. Some staircases may be narrow so we advise you to measure the height from the stairs to the ceiling, and the width from the railings to the wall to ensure your packages will fit through.


If there is a lift we can use, you should ensure the packages will fit inside it. You don’t have to worry if the lift is bigger than the products you will order.


Hallways are usually the narrowest parts of the house, therefore ensure that all products will easily pass through. If there are decorative objects placed on the hallway walls such as shelves, when taking measurements make sure that these types of accessories would not obstruct the passage of the products.

Our Suggestions,

We advise you to determine in advance how much space the furniture you wish to purchase will cover in the room of your choice. This way you will make sure if the furniture you chose is suitable for you.

You can access the furniture measurements under product sizes on the product details page. If the item you want is a foldout sofa or a folding table, be mindful of its elongated measurements.

It will be under your responsibility if the product you purchase does not fit inside your house or cannot complete the journey from the building to your flat.

It is important for you to inform us before if there is a situation that will restrict the delivery.

If you have done all the measurements and still have any enquiries, please feel free to email