Volare Glass Side Table, Green

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Add a pop of colour and gloss to your living space with our vibrant Volare side table. This stylish living room table, with its blown glass base and brass-hued top, reflects light to boost mood instantly. With its transparent, tinted glass base and brass tray top, this piece has a sculptural presence in any room. The metal of the connecting part is treated with the same process as the tray, creating a streamlined appearance that also offers strong bearing capacity.

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Iron, glass


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Glass Table Care Guide:

Protecting the Glass Table:

Fragile handle with care. Ensure safety by avoiding poorly lit areas and never using the glass as a chopping surface. Use mats, coasters, and tablecloths to prevent scratches. Don't place heavy items directly on the table, as it can only support up to 5kg due to its decorative nature. Avoid sudden temperature changes and dragging rough objects across the glass.

Moving the Glass Side Table:

Clear the table and protect the glass with blankets or bubble wrap. Lift with care, using proper techniques, and with at least two people. Use furniture sliders if available, keeping pathways clear to prevent accidents. Consider using a furniture dolly for easier transport over longer distances. Communicate with your moving partner and inspect for damage after relocation.

Handling and Placement:

Do not put heavy items directly on the glass surface, including toys or rough-based objects. Avoid thick or uneven carpets for placement to minimise tipping risks. Prioritise safety during handling to prevent accidents or damage to the table's surface or frame.

Adhering to these guidelines ensures proper care for your decorative glass table, maintaining its integrity and longevity.

Before placing your order, use our measurement guide to make sure our delivery team can get it to your home.

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